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'Ume Eau de Parfum

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'Ume Eau de Parfum


Hip, and a little sassy, ‘Ume adds some spice to your day and night. Perfect for an evening with friends or a sexy night out, this beguiling scent has notes of Ginger Absolute, Waterlily, Gardenia, Yuzu and Mousse de Chene. Wear it with your little black dress, or your boyfriend jeans, ‘Ume captures your independent spirit.

 eau de parfum 30ml

also available in 9ml

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Originally from the Himalaya region of Nepal and India, Ginger, was one of the first plants that Polynesian settlers brought with them to Hawaii. They used the milky juice of the Awapbui Kuabiwi (as they called it) for their hair and skin, and its roots for medicine.


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