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Le'a Eau de Parfum

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Le'a Eau de Parfum


A summer dress. A warm day at the beach. Le’a is for the woman who loves the lighter side of life. Fun, playful and breezy, this delicate floral scent has notes of Pink and White Plumeria, Pineapple Leaf, Passionflower and Hibiscus. The enchanting combination gives you a fresh, lighthearted feeling that’s perfect for everyday.

eau de parfum 30ml

also available in 9ml


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The first Plumeria tree was brought to Hawaii in 1860 by Dr. Wilhelm Hillebrand. Originally native to Central and South America, the Aztecs believed the Plumeria flower was a symbol of immortality; a crime for a common person to pick (or even stop to smell) that was punishable by death. French Botanist Charles Plumier first discovered the flower on his travels through the New World.

 Also commonly referred to as Fragipani after a sixteenth-century Italian Noble Marchese Frangipani made the intoxicating floral scent into a perfume.

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